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Food Recovery. Simplified.

Feeding America's MealConnect links your food donations with local nonprofits. For free.

Empowering Food Donors

MealConnect gives donors a convenient, free and safe way to reduce waste & connect surplus meals with food insecure neighbors.

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Join the country's largest food recovery network


Pounds Recovered

5,107 Nonprofits

2,032,833 Pickups


1 in 8 People in the U.S. can't afford sufficient food for their family

About MealConnect

Sam's Soup Kitchen
1000 Pounds Recovered
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100 Pounds Donated

Food Recovery. Simplified.

To source more meals and help end hunger in America, Feeding America has created MealConnect™, a technology platform that makes it easier than ever to connect donors with surplus food to their local Feeding America member food banks and their partners.

With MealConnect, you have easier pickups, easier tracking and easier receipt recording for any type of donation. Plus, you’ll feel great knowing you’re reducing food waste while providing hunger relief right in your community.

Streamlined Interactions

Guided by member feedback and designed in partnership with, Feeding America's MealConnect website assists food banks in identifying new opportunities, matching agencies to donors, monitoring pickup activity, and seamlessly recording receipts for any type of donation.

Free and Intuitive Online Platform

MealConnect is free, easy to use, and fits into your existing processes. Since each food bank is different, we've developed a system to help members with multiple partner organizations (agencies; PDO's; RDO's) easily manage their network without ever leaving the office.

Helping to End Hunger Nationwide

With over 2,500 hunger relief organization regularly using MealConnect, we are in a position to nationally scale this solution and help end hunger in America, and with your partnership, we will.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re not in it for the money. MealConnect is part of Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization. Our network is made up of thousands of non-profits that respond locally to your donation posts. These partner food banks and food pantries all adhere to industry-standard food safe handling guidelines and are audited regularly to ensure they do things the right way.