How It Works

MealConnect is a simple way to donate surplus food and help feed your community.

MealConnect Interfaces


Go to the MealConnect desktop or mobile site, or download the MealConnect app.



Post a photo of your donation along with some basic information onto the platform, including preferred pick-up time.



Your post will be sent to a trusted non-profit partner in your community.


Await Your Pick-Up

Your local food shelf or pantry will schedule a pick-up time and provide a volunteer to receive your donation. See, simple!


We’re not in it for the money. MealConnect is part of Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization. Our network is made up of thousands of non-profits that respond locally to your donation posts. These partner food banks and food pantries all adhere to industry-standard food safe handling guidelines and are audited regularly to ensure they do things the right way.

Yup! As a food donor, you’ll never have to pay to use MealConnect.

The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act does a great job protecting companies from liability when donating wholesome food to a nonprofit organization. The Feeding America network works with hundreds of thousands of donors – big and small - who understand they don’t need to worry when making donations in their community. MealConnect can help raise awareness about this and that will encourage even more food businesses to begin donating their unsold consumable product.

The Feeding America network of food banks and their partner agencies serves more than 46 million people each year. We have a responsibility to ensure that every person who comes to us for help is provided food that is safe to feed their families. That is why all our nonprofits are vetted and routinely audited for compliance to our high service standards. We are committed to improving the lives of the people we serve.

Feeding America is the nation’s largest hunger relief organization, and we are fortunate to have relationships with both national and independent food companies. Our network accommodates donations from large retailers to small family-owned restaurants. If you have food to donate, MealConnect is for you - now you don’t need a dedicated staff member to start helping people facing hunger in your community.

The Feeding America network was created more than 40 years ago, and now donors who use MealConnect can leverage the safety standards and best practices that has allowed us to feed more than 46 million Americans last year. MealConnect resources for independent food businesses include donation guidelines, a tax benefit calculator and more – not to mention the ability to conveniently partner with your local Feeding America food bank.

We designed MealConnect to make it as easy as possible for a food business to donate their extra, wholesome food product to people facing hunger – and to save money doing it. We pride ourselves on listening to our users. They are the ones who can teach us how to improve it, so just like your favorite apps, we’ll keep refining our technology to ensure it removes inconveniences associated with donating food.

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